Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Pyramid is Collapsing!

Where are the be headings?
George Bush was tough on terrorism. But a more devastating attack happened at the end of his administration, and He did not bomb any body. What is wrong with this picture? The most recent attack was at the world's economy. And nobody is screaming for justice.

Bin Laden became the most wanted man after 911. He had not choice but to run into hiding. Mean while, we have many Bin Ladens walking among us. And the damage they caused us is much greater. Here is a list of the people who need to be brought to justice. Chuck Prince former CEO of Citi Bank. Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide Financial. Jimmy Cayne, former Bear Stearns boss. They did not fly planes into buildings; they brought ruin to the whole world. And lastly, all the suckers who bought houses at sky high prices!

Much harmful to our way of life than 911, the sub prime lending scheme took a 6.8 trillion dollar out of the world economy. The terrorist attack of 911 only caused 9.5 billion (cost to rebuild the World Trade Center). As for the lives loss, it is hard to put a price on it. There is an estimate that only 300 people died at the 911 attacks. How many people have committed suicide so far?

We want some heads to roll! Mr. president, bring those responsible to justice. Instead of bailing out banks and people who ended up holding the hot potato (All those pricey homes). You should start reinstating confidence on the banking industry by putting the former bankers heads on sticks!
As long as you have all those fat cats out there, no body is safe. If there is no action from our public officials, let's
join Rick Santelli on Tea Party 2.0

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