Thursday, September 27, 2007

First paid computer repair job

Hi! I am posting to day just for the sole reason that I got paid! And this made me very happy!
To day, I went to take back my neighbor's computer. It needed some major work. Some idiot told her that she needed a piece of software to keep the devil from getting in to her son's mind. What the HELL? What he did was to mess up the computer big time.
The software that this fellow was talking about was nothing but blocking internet access in the computer. Oh! by the way, he wanted 1500 for the said software. He deleted the drivers for the network card. He also messed up the audio card. Apparently he heard the devil speaking through the speakers. This guy is a real piece of work! Watch out! He is still out there.
I tried to fix the computer at her house. When I saw that the machine needed a lot of time and effort, I decided to bring it home.
Total time to repair the pc was about 2 hours. But, I left it in top shape. I repartition the hard drive. Updated windows with the latest security patches and all. With all this, everybody was happy. And the real deal came next.
I did not know how much to charge her. I could have charge by the hour. May be by calling Geek Squad to find out what the rate is per hour, would have been a good idea. Instead, I just threw the first amount that came to mind: 50.00.

What do you guys think? Did I charge her too much? You may ask yourselves. What does all this have to do with making it big? Well, to day I found out that working for my self, the sky and my energy are the limits to be financially well off. I can make more money doing side work and staying on my job. But, if I keep working this way, I will never be a Benjamin. What I need is to get a bunch of guys to do the dirty work for me.
Mr. Adam Smith ( the father of capitalism) said: "If you want to get rich, you have to live off of other people's work". If I could only get started getting all sort of referrals for computer repairs, it would be a matter of putting a crew together and out sourcing the work.
So, let me be blunt; "You want to get wealthy? Figure out a way to make people work for you and pay them peanuts".
Do you guys know anybody that has made tons of money this way? Don't be shy! Post your stories.


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