Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Big Money With Adsense

To day I wanted to know how much I could earn with google adsense. Let me tell you, it was not pretty what I read. There are stories about getting your account canceled; money deduction from your earnings; and people clicking on your ads just to get you baned. The worst thing is that google just wants you to leave the investigative part to you.
Every where you go on the web you see people trying to sell you the ultimate way to make yourself rich with the latest Adsense program. Thinking that they exaggerate a lot, I started wondering what the average adsense earnings are. What I found instead, was a lot of people complaining about Google. Most of the complaints, are about their accounts being disabled for no apparent reason. It seems that the google people can shut you down any time they want. The Google adsense team will not even pay you your money. I sure do not want to commit fraud. I do want to make money! But it looks that adsens is not the way to go.

The most conspicuous thing about this google attitude is that when you are approaching the 100 dollars earnings, thats when they pull the plug. I wonder if they give back the money to the adwords people. Many guys said that even when your account is disabled, the ads keep appearing on your web page. So all the clicks the ads get, are 100% revenue for google. No wonder why google is the number one marketing machine. And google is always reporting more and more profits per quarter. So instead of wasting my energy with adsense, I am going out and purchase some goog shares. This guys are acting like a dictator.

So there you have my friends, if you want to make money like a Benjamin, you'd better stayed away from all the "get rich with adsense e-books". Since the theme of this blog is following and doing the ways other rich people made there money, we need to find a way to emulate the google guys.

Any ideas?


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