Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Knowing how to cut corners"

   In the persuit to become a Benjamin, I started reading about famous rich people.  It turns out that most of the poeple who have gotten really rich, have done so not 100% legally. I guess their modo is "It is not a crime, until you get caught".
 One of them is Joe Kennedy! How did the Keneedies got to be so rich? By smuggling alcohol! Once again he used the power of social networks. J. K. knew people in power. He was sleek and witty when it came to grease politicians and bribe the police. Did he ever get caught? NO.

So the firts thing to learn is not to get caught! The second thing is to find a not so legal activity that can make you some money. Can you think of any? Or better yet, have you done a shady deed that made you some moola?

  Please go ahead and share your wisdom and how to be like Benjamin F. ( I could swear that he did not stay 100% on the legal side of the law.)


Guillermo said...

There are thousands of similar stories. You just have to google for "not so legal ways to make money".
Personally, I know a guy who owns a couple of trucks. This guy was realy smart. He will hire other truckers to haul the not so profitable loads. Thus free his fleet for loads that will make him money. On top of that, The Asshole, will hold the poor trucker's money for a long time(Imagine having access to 200 grand interest free!). There were some poor guys that got to point of trying to kick the MF's ass. But it did not do any good. He is still around making it BIG.

Ashly said...

How you notice all the "Buy this e-book and get rich". Well, let me tell you my friends; I fell for it.I bought "The Rich Jerk". Now I know for sure he is a JERK!. His book is nothing but a way to get the poor's idiots money. I know, I know. I am calling myself a big fat idiot. But, Now a days, you have to take risks to go places. Right?
This is not going to be a review, I will tell you the whole book in 5 sentences.

Copy the book and change it a bit.

Build a website. If you can't build a website hire one of his affiliate webmasters. He will get a commission. I am sure!
Buy some adwords to promote the website.
Make sure you offer 100% money back.
Make seem as if the opportunity window will shut down quickly.

There you have people. You want to make money, just follow the Jerk's advice.

Will the Rich Jerk ever become a Benjamin?

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